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You could find the Fume Ultra Greatsword in Smouldering Lake. Knight Slayer Tsorig wields it near a lava pool within the Demon Ruins, awaiting all those who try to problem him for his weapon. Upon defeating him, you obtain the sword and the satisfaction of owning such a long-lost relic alongside it.

Location: Acquired by Soul Transposition of Soul of the Deacons of the Deep at Ludleth of Courtland in Firelink Shrine. It is obtained after beating Deacons of the Deep in Cathedral of the Deep. The boss chamber is accessed by going up the stairs in the nook behind one of many giants.

This is the Gear Progression Guide for Misplaced Ark. Learn to best get via the completely different tiers and how to extend your merchandise level. Guides. Newbie Guide; Gear Development; … Run Legion Raid ‘ Valtan [Regular]’ until you can craft a full Valtan set of legendary ilvl 1340 tools and recycle your outdated equipment into the new one. . Give it up to our little students who faced a demon with their teacher~Official notes Lost Ark Gear Development Exercise Order. 5 . 0 To 600 – Tier 1 Gear Score Progression. 6 . 600 To 1100 – Tier 2 Gear Score Development. 7 . 1100 To 1575 – Tier 3 Gear Score Development. Lost Ark Gear Development is the post 50 strategy to progress your character in Lost Ark . The upper your gear rating will get, 폰테크 the more actions will develop into.

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